Can Washington D.C. Be the 51st State?

 Jackson Hamon        House and Senate Democrats are trying to make Washington D.C. the 51st state of the United States of America. The official name would be Washington, Douglass Commonwealth. In terms of area, it would rank 51st, and in terms of population, it would rank 49th ahead of Wyoming and Vermont. The Democrats claim the purpose of making D.C. a state is so that the people who live there will have a higher representation in the federal government. Republicans do not like the idea of making D.C. the 51st state. The bill passed in the House but is unlikely to pass in the Senate as 60 votes would be needed to make it a state, and the Senate is split 50-50.      Why make it a state? As I said before, the Democrats claim that it will help D.C. in government representation and other benefits that states receive. Why would the vote be in party lines if that's what they wanted? D.C. is Democrat-controlled, and since it has been allowed representation in the Electoral College, it

Caitlyn Jenner Believes that Transgender Women in Women's Sports is "Unfair"

 Ella Sefton       There are some things women are not as good at as men. Caitlyn Jenner is a trans woman that was a very talented male athlete and said it is unfair for biological males to compete with and against biological female athletes. People born as males have certain advantages in sports and athletics that are impossible for women to obtain, no matter what they do.      An Olympic champion, such as Caitlyn Jenner, is knowledgeable about the type of strength required in certain sports. Many people doubt this, but it really is just the science behind the male and female bodies. The National Center for Biotechnology Information examined eight females and eight males to see the differences in their bodies. The results included, "The women were approximately 52% and 66% as strong as the men in the upper and lower body respectively. The men were also stronger relative to lean body mass. A significant correlation was found between strength and muscle cross-sectional area (CSA; P

Permitless Carry in Texas?

Everett Rinaldi       Yesterday, May 6, 2021, the Texas Senate voted to pass a bill that will allow people to carry handguns without a permit. If this bill passes through the Texas House, Texas will become the largest state in the nation, allowing permitless carry of handguns. In Texas, there are 31 senators that make up the Senate. Currently, there are 18 republican and 13 democratic senators giving the Senate a Republican majority. To no one's surprise, the senators voted along party lines, with 18 republicans in favor and 13 democrats not in favor.         In Texas, they are still some gun restricting laws. Still, Texas is the third most gun-friendly state, following Arizona and Idaho. Luckily for those who want gun control, the bill only allows people 21 and older to carry handguns. However, gun control supporters everywhere are extremely opposed to the aggressive bill in Texas. Texas Democrats are claiming that this bill could be dangerous and should be observed with extreme c

How did COVID get to humans?

 Daphne Nelson      Animals can not only test positive for the coronavirus, but they also may have been the reason humans were infected in the first place. There are a couple of theories that scientists have thought over and believe are possible. The most likely being that bats spread Covid - 19 to another animal, and that animal spread it to humans. Covid could have been passed straight from bats to humans, but it is not as likely. The last theory is that the virus passed through frozen foods. Both theories aren't very likely because, in both of them, the virus hadn't developed the correct mutation of SARS - CoV - 2 to be contagious to humans. As they are all reasonable, the most plausible theory that started COVID - 19 is that it originated from bats and was transferred to another species before going to humans. This is likely because there is more opportunity for SARS - CoV - 2 to mutate.      Bats, as well as a lot of other animals, have a virus in them called SARS - CoV -

Japanese Bomb Found, in Missouri?

Vikasni Bandinai      More than 80 years ago, the second World War began. Now in 2021, many artifacts and secrets are being revealed. In Jefferson County, Missouri, a live bomb from World War 2 was discovered. Pamela and Sam Coffey were tending to their grapevines this Saturday when they came across a small brown potato-shaped object.      Like any other person in that situation, the couple’s curiosity increased. They took it back inside their home and began cleaning it. Sam Coffey began cleaning it out with a steak knife. His wife recognized the Japanese characters and tried to use Google Lens to figure out its meaning. The realization then struck Pamela, and she realized that the object could be a bomb.      For the next few hours, the police and St. Louis Regional Bomb and Arson Unit and the Air Force made their way to Coffeys’s house. The officials recognized the bomb as a Japanese Navy mortar, and it was still active. Not only was the bomb still functional, but it also had a 500 f

Bear Attacks

Areej Arif Do you have a fear of bears? If so, I would recommend that you skip this story. Last Friday, there was a sow accompanied by her two yearlings found with human remains in their stomachs. One yearling didn’t have any remains in its stomach, but the mother and its sibling did. The victim of this attack is a 39-year-old woman who lived near the area. It is said that she was going on a walk with her two dogs when the bears attacked and ate her. No name has been released. When the woman’s boyfriend came home at 8:30, he was startled to and that both of their dogs had returned home without her, so he went searching for her. At 9:30 pm, he found her body and called 911 to report the accident. Wildlife officers immediately suspected a bear attack based o the fact that there was obvious trauma and consumption of her body. There was also an overwhelming amount of bear fur and feces on the scene. According to the CPW, the last time a fatal bear attack occurred in Colorado was on August

If Seven Hills isn’t the Best School in Ohio...

Devan Willis      Although the school is lacking sports and isn’t one of the most athletic schools in Ohio, it is very diverse, has an overall school grade of an A+ according to, and the teachers are very encouraging.      Seven Hills or The Seven Hills School is a private k-12 school in Cincinnati, Ohio, that was established in 1974. It runs on two campuses; the Hillsdale campus and the Doherty campus. This school is most known for its academics. Like I said before, it isn’t a good school for getting a sports scholarship, but that doesn’t mean that the teams are bad.      Seven Hills is the #1 ranked college prep private high school in Ohio 2020, #1 private k-12 school in the Cincinnati area 2020, #1 private high school in the Cincinnati area 2020, and #1 college prep high school in the Cincinnati area 2020. It is also ranked 4 for the best high schools for STEM(science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). This school has lots of awards which is an indicator that this

Dog/Pet Owners are Happier and Healthier than Non-Dog/Pet Owners

Ella Sefton       Who does not want a warm fuzzy friend that helps you in many aspects of your life? Dogs/pets are beneficial to everyday life. They help you not only mentally but physically as well. Pets all around are a good thing for most people. Dogs reduce negative emotions such as stress and even negative health problems, including asthma in children, lower blood pressure, and increases the likelihood of meeting the federal guidelines for exercise. Dogs and pets also produce feelings of pleasure such as relaxation, reward, and happiness. These are only a few of the major advantages of owning a pet, which is why dog/pet owners are happier and healthier than non-dog/pet owners on average.      Dogs, scientifically, produce chemicals in our bodies that have effects on our mood. These chemicals are proven to increase pleasant emotions. Including, making you a happier person, The Wall Street Journal mentioned in the article, “Do Dogs Really Make Us Happier?” a recent study conducted b

Paying NCAA Athletes

 Everett Rinaldi      For years, there has been an argument around the NCAA. Now I think it’s time to change college sports forever. NCAA athletes must be paid for the work they put in and the unnecessary time they spend in school to become pros; their salaries should be based on half the amount of TV revenue or ticket sales their teams generate, from there, each college team should divide up the money on their own. The debate has always been there, and the rules need to be altered.      On March 31, 1906, the Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the United States was created. Nowadays, this organization is known as the NCAA, and its job is to regulate, guide, and organize college sports in the United States. Every year, about 480,000 students compete in the NCAA, and the NCAA has not given a single payment to any of them. This is a total injustice considering how much time these athletes are spending working out or practicing rather than studying or spending their time in the class

Why Smaller Cryptos Are Better Investment Options Than Bitcoin

 Nick Patel        Although Bitcoin is a great option to invest in, smaller and new cryptocurrencies are the way to go if you want a high profit. Smaller cryptos are better options to invest in because they often grow rapidly when they are introduced, and their prices can change quickly, which gives a possible low buy and high sell. Bitcoin usually does not rise very rapidly due to its high market cap.      Bitcoin is most definitely a great cryptocurrency. A year ago, the price was just under $7,000, and now it is over $63,000. That is about an 800% increase. But that doesn’t mean it will continue to rise at a rapid pace. Many say Bitcoin is likely in a bubble, which will pop soon. Bitcoin has seen large growth lately, so there is a good chance it could go down, leading to a selling war taking it to a very low price. Many professional investors say Bitcoin is a bubble. Of the people who answered the March Bank of America Fund Manager Survey, about 74% of them said they see Bitcoin as

Paris Hilton: The True Modern Media Star

 Fiona Grace O’Driscoll      Social media is inescapable and part of modern daily life for millions of people, but for the select few, it is an insanely lucrative way to make money doing everyday things. The recent rise in social media starts didn’t come out of anywhere; one star paved the way for all influencers today but uses her fame for good and advocates for a broader audience who can not advocate for themselves. Paris Hilton is a timeless star who has evolved from era to era and will continue to rule the industry for years to come.      Paris Hilton is 40 years old and was born in 1981 to Kathy and Richard Hilton. She grew up with a plush lifestyle in Beverly Hills and heiress to the 300 million dollar Hilton Hotel chain. As she started growing up, much to her mother’s dismay, she started modeling with her sister, Nicky Hilton. Suddenly her life became all about photos; everything she did, from walking the runway to grabbing coffee, became a photoshoot. Paris contributed to what

Abolish the Death Penalty

 Jackson Hamon      The death penalty is one of the worst forms of punishment that is still in use today. The penalty is used in exactly half of the U.S. states currently. There are multiple ways someone can get capital punishment including, murdering someone and treason. The U.S. government should abolish the death penalty because, while it is a small amount, prisoners on death row are sometimes proven innocent after new evidence is unearthed. Also, taxpayers will be saving money because the cost of keeping someone on death row costs more than making them serve life without parole. Why should the government and judiciary system be allowed to decide whether or not someone should live? It is morally unacceptable. For some prisoners, death is not even the worst punishment that they can receive, and even for some inmates, death is just the easy way out of prison. Capital punishment needs to be removed because some prisoners are found innocent, people would be saving money and, the penalty

ISIS Attempt to Remove Western Ideology and Presence

 Eli deBuys       Over the years, there have been many terror attacks in Asia for many different causes, but some of the most prominent attacks have come from the Islamic State group or ISIS. The group is one of the most ruthless terrorist groups in the world. They controlled an area in the Middle East around half the size of the United Kingdom in their peak in 2014-2015. The group originated in 1999 and was created from a small militant group in Iraq due to a civil war. After some time, they started to take over cities and towns in the northwestern part of Iraq then taking some cities in Syria. After Saddam Husein was killed, lots of members of the Iraqi army joined ISIS. Saddam Husein was a tyrannical ruler from Iraq who was very power-hungry. The group has committed many acts of terrorism and public executions. Recently America has helped the countries take back their land from ISIS and make the group almost nonexistent. However, there are still sleeper groups or splinter cells that

Mandatory Covid Vaccination

  Sammy Chaudhary      Now that safe and effective vaccines are available in the U.S., people have been eager to get vaccinated so their lives can return to normal. Some refuse to get vaccinated because they are not sure if the vaccine is safe. Studies directed by the CDC have proven the safety of these vaccines.1 Getting the U.S. population vaccinated would likely save tens of thousands of lives. This raises the question of whether the vaccine should be mandatory. Although it may be controversial, I believe the vaccine should be mandatory, and it would save tens of thousands of lives and return everyone’s life to normal.      The vaccine should be mandatory for every man, woman, and child in the U.S. A large question is if the government can even mandate the vaccine legally. The answer to this is yes. States do have both the legal and constitutional authority to mandate a vaccine. We know this because of a Supreme Court case that

The American Education System

 By: Ryan Brackett        The American education system is how we teach students and how progressively harder each year/grade gets. The education system has been around for generations with no real change or any progress. Why would someone use a 1635-year-old car when they could drive a brand new car. It makes no practical sense to use an outdated system that we call education. Though the American education system has been successful for some students, it also has been ignoring a large percentage of kids who are failing in the system. One instance of this failure is that standardized testing has been a disastrous benchmark for years.      Standardized testing has been in the educational system for way too long without any change. It is purely based on memorization and not real knowledge. (6) The modern standard test only shows how good a student is at taking a test. (6) It shows no real sign of progression and does not improve the student's performance and knowledge. (6) A total of

Social Media, a New Issue?

  By: Vikasni Bandinani How Social Media Affects Body Image Issues Amongst Teens   A rising question many users ask is how. How does social media affect my thoughts on my own body? How can I change this? Social media has been a growing factor in many people’s lives, especially when it comes to beauty standards. Unlike what many adults propose, many solutions do not involve deleting all social media. Instead of ignoring these unrealistic beauty standards, try to diversify your social media feed or follow body-positive influencers.      What are these standards cast by social media? Straight her, skinny body, narrow face, and light skin. Seem familiar? For many years, the beauty industry has been pushing these body types repeatedly at all women. With the help of social media, these companies have succeeded. More than 90% of teens with eating disorders are female. Suicide is the second leading factor of death amongst teens. While we can’t make th

Older child vs Younger child

 Areej Arif        If your older sibling has ever told you that they are smarter than you, they could be correct. Though studies show that the oldest child in the family has the most responsibilities, being a second or later-born child is much less favorable. This is so because you can have a lower IQ, are less likely to become a CEO, it can significantly affect your personality, and you are more likely to get suspended from school.      Those who have siblings have probably heard from them that they are less intelligent than them. Though many usually let these comments go, in lots of cases, this can be true. In a study conducted by the University of Oslo, researchers took multiple “sets” of brothers (who were raised fairly the same and in the same location) from more than sixty thousand families and tested their IQ’s. It was found that the oldest sibling was more likely to get a better score than the younger sibling 57 percent of the time. According to an interview conducted by Anthon